July 2012


(Photo: TomoyukiTsuchiya)

We saw the advent of the ‘season of the movement’ in July 2012 – a rare experience in Japanese political history. Well over a million people participated in anti-nuke rallies and demonstrations throughout the country. Yet these waves do not stop and we are living in the unprecedented political process day by day, minute by minute. One of the pillars of the movement is the ongoing weekly demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s residence on Fridays. Continue reading July 2012

And the Word “Parade” Disappeared…


Photo: 11.26 Drums of Fury Demo by Kai-Wai 散策

The present social orientation around nuclear power seems to be at a deadlock in Japan. While the public opinion that supports “abolition in the future” is almost stabilized in 70% strong, the Noda Administration that usurped the power from the Kan Administration for “post-nuclear” cannot declare promotion of it. The ruling class, it seems, is seeking to cool down the public angst in order to resume the operation of the plants before the suspension for inspection in the next spring, by obscuring its nuclear policy. That is to say, the administration is now striving to blur the axis of opposition. Continue reading And the Word “Parade” Disappeared…

6/11 Global Action – A News Flash



The Japanese political scene is being drastically shaken up by the massive demonstrations and meetings that took place on June 11th throughout Japan; and also by the Italian people’s victory at referendum the following day. Continue reading 6/11 Global Action – A News Flash