Hey Japan! Never Restart Nuke Reactors!

SAIKADOH HANTAI (no to resumption of nukes) Hunger Strike in NY!

大飯原発再稼働断固反対ハンストin NY!

Strike Begins Thursday June 28, 2012, 9AM
Convergence at Friday June 29 at 3PM
@Consulate of Japan in NY: 299 Park Avenue (at 48th Street) NYC [Map]


Japan announced that Kansai Electric (HQ:Osaka) will restart the Ooi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui on July 1st. Japan has now been enjoying nuke-free time for the first time since 40 years ago. On May 5th (Children’s Day in Japan) this year, when all the nuclear reactors stopped, Japan was able to prove itself that nuclear energy isn’t about energy needs. It is, as it has always been, an embodiment of economic and political interests. We have never needed it! So we can still stop the restart!

45,000 people gathered in front of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s residence in Tokyo last Friday to protest his decision to restart the two nuclear reactors. This Friday, there will be even more people on the streets throughout Japan. We are going to begin a hunger strike in solidarity and to stop the restart. Please join us, even if you don’t fast with us, come and raise your voice! -The Hydrangea Revolution has begun.

「7月1日大飯原発が稼働開始」と発表されました。まだ止められます!日本は5月以降、原発ゼロで暮らしています。40年以来のことです。5月5日のこど もの日、すべての原発が停まった日、日本の人々は自ら原発の不必要性を証明しました。原発はエネルギー需要の問題ではなく、経済的政治的利益のゆえの原発だったー最初から、いらなかったのです。共に声をあげましょう。







Some sings you can download & print:
1) 大飯原発の再稼働に断固反対 (Absolutely No Resumption of Ooi Nuke Plant)
2) 再稼働やめろ (Stop The Resumption)
3) No Nukes by Yoshitomo Nara
4) I Hate ☢ Rain (Hydrangea ver.) by 281_anti-nukes
5) MORE: http://nonukeart.org/


Organized by Todos Somos Japon

Twitter: @TwitNoNukesNYC

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/401115906592895/



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