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Because Nuclear Power Takes Away Our Being Alive From Us – A Communiqué for June 12th


Photo: Letter from H
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda stressed Friday that restarting the Oi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture is crucial to meet the nation’s energy needs this summer and to ensure sustainable economic growth.
-via The Japan Times

Ever since that day in March 2011, many things in our everyday life have been taken away from us, especially from those who live under the rain of radiation. Continue reading Because Nuclear Power Takes Away Our Being Alive From Us – A Communiqué for June 12th

Nuclear Housework – The Enraged Mothers and Farmers of Japan


Photo: the mothers of Japan along with others raise their voice near United Nations HQ, Sep. 22, 2011
(Original text in English below Japanese)

原子力家事労働 – 日本の「怒れる母」そして農民たち

*Todos Somos Japonは、日本の活動と運動を支援し、世界の闘う人々の新しいアソシエーションの構築に向けて、日本内外のネットワーク化と新しい潮流の創造を担うプロジェクトである。

われわれの心は、ことに日本の女性達とともにあります。聞くところによると、彼女達こそが、日本政府のナショナリズムと犠牲を煽り立てる宣伝工作に対して 最も強力に抵抗しているからです。彼女らこそが、日本では全てがうまくいっていると、この原子力災害は生きるに差し障りはないと、世界に示す為に、家族全 員に放射能に汚染された食品を消費するよう強要する自殺的論理に対して、闘争していると理解しています。彼女らの闘争は、われわれの闘争であり、彼女らの 抵抗は、われわれの支援を必要としているのです。

——シルビア•フェデリッチ Continue reading Nuclear Housework – The Enraged Mothers and Farmers of Japan

Statement for June 11 — Todos Somos Japon

(Original text in English below)

6/11のための声明——われわれみなが日本である [Todos Somos Japon]!



われわれにとって、その結末が見えない福島の原子力災害は、誰も無視しえないことです。今現在そして今後も、無際限の歳月にわたり日本の大気と海域から放出され続けるセシウムとプルトニウムが、風と海流によってわれわれの元に届けられるのは時間の問題です。それと同様、恐るべきなのは、日本政府とわれわれの政府の対応です。三つの原子炉の溶解を目の当りにしながらも、日本の権力は、発電所近郊の住民を除いて、民衆を避難させることを拒否しています。そしてまた、愛国の名において、福島の野菜を消費することを人々に奨励し、 放射性物質の摂取量を健康基準の二十倍もつり上げています。最近(ある地域では)、専門家がすべきことであるという能書きで、母親たちが自ら子供達があずけられている保育所の放射能レベルを測定することを禁じていると聞きました。





  • 影響を受けているすべての地域の人々を避難させること。
  • 独立した監視員たちによって採取された信頼できる日々の情報を提供し、民衆に配布すること。
  • 身体的影響に関与するすべての出費を保証すること。
  • 立ち退かねばならなかった家、失った職と収入、使用不能になった公園や農場について、人々に賠償すること。


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Statement for June 11—Todos Somos Japon

Silvia Federici

It is with great regret that I cannot be with you, here today, to express in person my solidarity with the people of Japan and call for the shut down of all nuclear plants across the planet.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster, whose end is not in sight, is something none of us can afford to ignore. It is a matter of time before the winds and sea currents bring to us the  caesium and plutonium that now and for indefinite number of months to come will be released into the air and coastal waters of Japan. Equally worrisome have been the response of the Japanese government and our government as well to it. In the face of the meltdown of three nuclear reactors, the Japanese authorities have refused to evacuate the people affected except in the immediate vicinity of the plants. They have urged the population to continue to consume vegetables produced near Fukushima, arguing it is a patriotic act. They have raised by 20 times the amount of radiation deemed acceptable by health standards. In recent days, they have even forbidden mothers from directly monitoring radiation levels at the children’s schools stating it is a job for experts.

We protest this blatant disregard for the wellbeing of the population in the Fukushima area who must now live with the anguish of knowing that all they touch and breath may be contaminated. But has our government fared better?

Fast on the heels of reports testifying to the immensity of the catastrophe have come the reassurances that nuclear power is here to stay, that no alternatives exist to it, and disaster can be a learning experience. Nothing, it seems, can dissuade this government from its decision to contribute –with 30 billion dollars– to the planned proliferation of nuclear plants in this country. Our economy –we are told— depends on it –whatever the cost for our lives.

But we know this is far from the truth. An electoral set back was sufficient to convince Angela Merkel to announce the closures of all nuclear plants within the next three years in Germany –as people there, immediately after the news of the Fukushima explosion circulated, went to the streets, and later, through their votes, made it clear that they would no longer accept to live with the threat nuclear catastrophe over their heads.

We need to send the same message, building a strong movement capable of standing up to the nuclear industry and the cohorts of politicians whose electoral campaigns depend on it. Meanwhile let us put pressure on the Japanese government and the nuclear industry, which is responsible for the disaster, to force them to do what they should have done immediately after the reactors’ explosions.

  • Evacuate all the people in the areas affected.
  • Provide day to day reliable information, gathered by independent monitors and widely distributed to the population.
  • Cover all health related expenses.
  • Compensate people for the houses they must vacate, the jobs and income lost, the parks and gardens turned forever into wastelands.

In conclusion, our thoughts should go especially to the women of Japan who, we are told, are those who are most strongly opposed to the government propaganda about patriotism and sacrifice. We understand they are struggling to resist this suicidal logic, which demands their families consume radioactive products to show the world that all is well in this country and a nuclear disaster is something we can live with. Their struggle is our struggle and their resistance needs our support.

PDF (English)

A Request from a Japanese Activist

A Request from a Japanese Activist

Todos Somos Japon

A Japanese activist Shiro Yabu has sent us a request for foreign comrades:

Now what we are in desperate need in Tokyo is concrete data of radioactive contamination. We will have to measure and publicize the radiation of the soil at every park and public spaces where children play. The emission of radiation is uneven and there are supposed to be high spots that are affected more than others. Neither the state nor the Tokyo municipal government are responsible enough to measure and detect them. They offer only one monitoring spot in Tokyo and do not measure contamination in soil at all. The real issue is especially the radiation of sandboxes in parks. So we must acquire data by ourselves and press local governments to take necessary measures.

What we want at the moment is a possible method to measure radiation and necessary equipment. In Japan a Geiger Counter can be purchased for approx. 50,000 yen, but they are mostly sold out. It is said that they won’t be back in market before the late May. If any of you have technique and equipment that you can share, please send them to us in the form of information and goods.







支援してくださるという方は、INFO <AT> JFISSURES.ORG (<AT>をアットマークに代える)までメールをお送りください。

Todos Somos Japon – New Global Association

What is going on in Japan at this moment, especially concerning people’s agony and struggle, is not merely a situation particular to the nation-state in the Far East, but a new phase of human history. It embodies a new form of managing catastrophe and an unprecedented opening of history, which could lead to almost any possible path: i.e., beginning of the end of humanity, advent of a global regime of atomic capitalism, or the moment for the people to end capitalist/nation/state by building a new planetary association.

While the Japanese government is seeking desperately to sustain its sovereignty, it is revealing its incapacity to solve the problems of refugees and nuclear disaster by itself, and in addition the national economy is falling into the abyss. Meanwhile the people are beginning to mobilize for de-nuke actions, that which involve innumerable other issues and themes: labor, everyday life (reproduction), anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, refugees’ commune building (…). But many of us in Japan and elsewhere feel that the struggles might last indefinitely toward the unknown future, as the calamity is expected to last unforeseeable length of time. The situation in Japan has unfortunately opened the door for a new phase of global class struggle under the unprecedentedly difficult conditions.

Accordingly, what Japan signifies has shifted radically from an advanced and well-managed capitalist/nation/state to an ominous symbol for the self-destruction of the apparatuses and planetary radiation. Thus the resident foreigners are leaving the country; travellers avoid visiting it; it will be harder and harder for the Japanese people to travel abroad and Japanese products to be exported. In this climate, we expect a coming isolation and enclosure of the far eastern archipelago in the global context.

Todos Somos Japon is a project of network building, of creating a current in and out of Japan, to support Japanese activists and movements and for a new association of the struggling people of the world.

The task is two fold:

  1. Establish a network of oppositional movements, progressive institutions of various domains (academic, artistic, cultural, social and environmental), and radical individuals, who would accept Japanese personnel and have them stay for a certain period of time, for the purpose of education, common research, and resource sharing. Also encourage foreign activists, scholars, and artists to visit Japan, more than ever, by creating the infra-structure of movements and institutions to host them.
  2. Organize a series of global de-nuke action in consideration of the thorough implication of the nuclear disaster, which includes all other aspects of being in the world concerning human survival and constructing a better world, as we are anxiously observing at the moment and will be affected more or less, sooner or later.

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