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Editorial: All Power toward Decomposing the Global Nuclear Regime — in the Year 2012


The action to blockade CASTOR in Volognes that took place November 23rd ~ 24th 2011 was a significant development, although it did not succeed in stopping the transportation of radioactive material back to Germany after having been processed in France. As we heard, it involved anti-capitalist groups of an anti-authoritarian vein, and as such announced the formation of a new front against the nuclear regime (read: not just against nuclear power), whose impetus is a testimonial to both an intensification and diversification of the anti-nuke movement. Continue reading Editorial: All Power toward Decomposing the Global Nuclear Regime — in the Year 2012

Editorial 9/24/2011

We have had an important week.

A delegation from Japan held a meeting at the American Friends Center in New York, on September 22, 2011. Speakers included Sachiko Sato, Aileen Mioko Smith, Kaori Izumi and Yukiko Anzai; the four women activists from Fukushima Hokkaido and Kyoto made their way to NYC to make appeals to the public as well as to the United Nations high-level meeting on nuclear security being held on the same day. Continue reading Editorial 9/24/2011

Emergency Statement Against Arrests at 9/11 Demonstration

<> strongly protests the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for its arrest of the demonstrators during the anti-nuke demonstration of 9/11. This conduct is totally unlawful, unjustifiable and criminal. At the same time, we send our voice of solidarity and support for our comrades fighting in their jail cells, from across the Pacific Ocean. Now we globally share the horizon to fight against the state power baring its fangs on the verge of collapse.



Editorial 8/15/2011


It was a week after 3/11 that <> was created. Since then we have been publishing critical writings in Japanese-English bilingual format, as a convergence point of discourses from within and without Japan, all tackling the unprecedented situation that the human society is now confronting. Continue reading Editorial 8/15/2011



What Japan’s calamity, most of all, the agony of the people embodies has less to do with the nationality than the entire capitalist regime that seems to persist in relying on atomic energy. The question here is: if green capitalism, a better capitalism is possible by ousting nuclear power plants; or today’s global capitalism is so much netted with the technology whose indispensable part is the atomic energy that ousting nuclear power plants is equal to ousting capitalism itself or something that might be considered as the planetary apparatus whose driving force is capitalism. These questions notwithstanding, the truth is revealed only as what the people of Japan and the entire world do from now on.


A Letter to Comrades


At the moment in Japan, the government is trying to make the situation look as normal as possible, by veiling crucial information on the degree of radiation and the calamitous condition of the reactors. This menacing situation notwithstanding, it does not show any intension to terminate its pro-nuclear power policy. Continue reading A Letter to Comrades