– n.o.n.u.k.e.s. PARTY –

It’s a Celebration and by Any Means Necessary!

— Toward an Indefinite Process of a Total Nuclear Abolition

n.o.n.u.k.e.s. PARTY

Saturday, May 5th at 2:00 pm

@ Central Park (Enter at East 67th Street) – 6 Train to 68th Street – Hunter College or N/R Train to 5th Avenue

Everyone is invited!

Come May 5th, Tomari Unit 3, the last remaining nuclear reactor in Hokkaido Japan will be offline, at which point there will be zero nuclear power supplied in Japan. This is a significant victory of the anti-nuclear struggles since the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in March 2011. Todos Somos Japon in NYC would like to share this joy together and invite all to a communal picnic, a general assembly to celebrate this day.

During the past year, as each nuclear reactor shut off and stayed shut due to people’s resistance, the people in Japan have realized that they no longer needed nuclear power; they have never needed it, and the threat of ‘electric insufficiency’ posed by the pro-nuclear force was merely a fabrication. This is a revolutionary shift of mindset that could decompose the nuclear myths; that we cannot live without nuclear energy and a nuclear disaster is something we can overcome!

However, their government, electric companies and financial circles are employing all possible means to resume the reactors. In addition, the people there still continue to live under extreme hardships of radiation exposure, ever expanding beyond Fukushima and national boundaries. So this is just a beginning of a long and broad struggle. And we believe that the “we don’t need it” awakening amongst ourselves is the real beginning of the end of nuclear power on the planet.

On this remarkable occasion we invite all for a gathering to share food, our experiences and wisdom. Let us gather and begin a conversation. Come join us!


whose interests it is serving?

what and whom the production of nuclear energy involves?

relation to planetary activities like earthquakes?

relation to nuclear weaponry?

relationship with the global power structure?

what we really need to do to terminate it?

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