FILM: "My Boyfriend Was Arrested!"

***US Premiere***

Sunday April 22, 5:30PM

at Spectacle Theater: 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY (between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street) (Direction)


A still from "My Boyfriend Was Arrested"


Japan | 2012 | in Japanese with English subtitles | 66 min.

Director, Photography, Editing: Ebata Koki

September 11 2011, half a year since the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactor, “Amateur Riot” stages yet another anti-nuclear power demonstration in Tokyo. Out of 10,000 participants, the police arrested 12 protesters. All were ultimately released uncharged, over the course of 12 days. One of those arrested was the director’s boyfriend. This documentary follows his story, from arrest to release.

Ebata Koki: Born in 1984. After graduating from college, she began shooting documentary in April 2009. Having completed the introductory documentary course at The Film School of Tokyo, she is currently studying in the Film and New Media graduate program at Tokyo University of the Arts.




日本 | 2012 | 日本語(英語字幕)| 66分



A still from My Boyfriend Was Arrested!


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