n.o.n.u.k.e.s. RADIO DEMO


Tuesday June 12, 2012

7:30pm – 9pm (US Eastern)

@ Tompkins Sq. Park (Avenue A and 7th Street, NYC)


トンプキンズ・スクエア・パーク (Avenue A and 7th Street, NYC)

::: Read: Because Nuclear Power Takes Away Our Being Alive From Us – A Communiqué for June 12th:::

30 years ago on June 12th, over a million people gathered in Central Park to protest against nuclear energy and weaponry. To commemorate the beautiful memories and break through the anti-nuclear movement, we’re going to walk again! Come march/dance/shout with live n.o.n.u.k.e.s. DJs via WBAI NY, 99.5FM! Bring your own radio or boombox to the march and tune to 99.5FM at 8PM. (You threw out your old boombox? That’s fine. Or get a cheap ones here, here, here, or here…) If you are not in NY, listen live on WBAI.org and join the demo wherever you are.

ちょうど30年前の6月12日、反原発と反核を訴えて100万人以上の人々がニューヨークのセントラルパークに集いました。その歴史的なアクションをおぼえるため、そして新たな脱原発の出発のため、ふたたびニューヨークで歩きます。この特別な日に、ラジオ電波を通してデモのためのサウンドと声を提供します。ポータブルラジオやラジカセを持参のうえ、99.5FMにチューニング! (ラジオがないけど参加したいというかた!大歓迎です。または、こちらからご購入もできます: here, here, here, or here…) NYにいなくても、wbai.orgの番組ストリームで、デモに参加してください。原発はいらないと騒ぎ続けよう!

Guest shouters: Alice Slater, Chris Williams, Minori Nakamura and the Raging Grannies!

Host/producer: Ken Gale, Eco-Logic, WBAI 99.5FM, NYC
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WBAI is a 50,000 watt station in the Pacifica network broadcast from the Empire State Building so our signal gets to New Haven, Trenton, Putnam County and the Poconoes and on the internet live stream and podcasts even further, of course.
When the air or water are clean, thank an environmentalist.  If not, become one.

Bring Your Own Radio!
Tune-in 99.5FM!
Be Mobile!
No More Nukes!

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