n.o.n.u.k.e.s. film&talk vol.08

Friday February 8, 2013 6:30pm
At Cage 83A Hester Street, NYC (directions below) [MAP]


– In the Beginning There Was Uranium –
The legacy of colonialism still remains today as one of the main driving force for the nuclear development. Uranium production have exploited indigenous peoples and the land. Even after Fukushima, The global ‘desire for nuclear’ seem to continue outside of our imagination. Communities around uranium reserves are again under siege from proposed operations by the nuclear energy industry. Often their voices are not heard.

2006 | 54mins. | Canada
Directed by David Henningson
Few know it, but the Canadian Government during the 1940s operated in the Arctic the world’s first uranium mine in order to secretly supply the United States’ Manhattan Project with the uranium used in the making of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.
Today, this same mine, known to the local Sahtu Dene First Nations as Somba Ke – “the money place” is at the epicenter of a massive uranium exploration boom.
Travelling to the Arctic, New Mexico, Shanghai, Hiroshima and New York City, this controversial documentary uncovers the multi-million dollar investigation into the affects on those who were witnesses to the very dawn of the atomic age – and those effects which continue to reverberate throughout the Arctic amidst today’s ‘nuclear renaissance’

A discussion will follow the film. Refreshments will be served.

:::::Directions to CAGE:::::
F train to East Broadway. From Rutger/East Broadway exit, walk north on Essex Street. Take a left on Hester St. and walk 2 blocks. CAGE is on your right.

D/B Trains to Grand Street. Walk east on Grand St. Cross Allen Street and take a right. Walk one block and take a left on Hester Street. CAGE is on your left.



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