6/11 Global Action – A News Flash



The Japanese political scene is being drastically shaken up by the massive demonstrations and meetings that took place on June 11th throughout Japan; and also by the Italian people’s victory at referendum the following day. The day Italy made a decision against nuclear power, a Japanese poll finally reached 70% for “abolishing nuclear power plants.” Symbolically, following the events,  Nobuteru Ishihara, chief secretary of LDP, made the following remark, “these demonstrations are a mass hysteria,” prompting his fellow regional officials to restrict such demonstrations. However, it goes without saying that the politicians are the ones in hysteria and panic. The Japanese politicians, who had long underestimated the effect of mass protest calling it powerless, are in total fear of the mass uprising today. They have no option but to confront the movement. After seeing ‘tomorrow’s Japan in Italian reform, the government officials are encountering a dilemma. Since June 11th, Japan has begun a breakthrough in its anti-nuke movement — a completely new cycle which none of us has experienced before. Though I have so much more to report, this is all for now.





PDF (English & Japanese)


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