Todos Somos Japon – New Global Association

What is going on in Japan at this moment, especially concerning people’s agony and struggle, is not merely a situation particular to the nation-state in the Far East, but a new phase of human history. It embodies a new form of managing catastrophe and an unprecedented opening of history, which could lead to almost any possible path: i.e., beginning of the end of humanity, advent of a global regime of atomic capitalism, or the moment for the people to end capitalist/nation/state by building a new planetary association.

While the Japanese government is seeking desperately to sustain its sovereignty, it is revealing its incapacity to solve the problems of refugees and nuclear disaster by itself, and in addition the national economy is falling into the abyss. Meanwhile the people are beginning to mobilize for de-nuke actions, that which involve innumerable other issues and themes: labor, everyday life (reproduction), anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, refugees’ commune building (…). But many of us in Japan and elsewhere feel that the struggles might last indefinitely toward the unknown future, as the calamity is expected to last unforeseeable length of time. The situation in Japan has unfortunately opened the door for a new phase of global class struggle under the unprecedentedly difficult conditions.

Accordingly, what Japan signifies has shifted radically from an advanced and well-managed capitalist/nation/state to an ominous symbol for the self-destruction of the apparatuses and planetary radiation. Thus the resident foreigners are leaving the country; travellers avoid visiting it; it will be harder and harder for the Japanese people to travel abroad and Japanese products to be exported. In this climate, we expect a coming isolation and enclosure of the far eastern archipelago in the global context.

Todos Somos Japon is a project of network building, of creating a current in and out of Japan, to support Japanese activists and movements and for a new association of the struggling people of the world.

The task is two fold:

  1. Establish a network of oppositional movements, progressive institutions of various domains (academic, artistic, cultural, social and environmental), and radical individuals, who would accept Japanese personnel and have them stay for a certain period of time, for the purpose of education, common research, and resource sharing. Also encourage foreign activists, scholars, and artists to visit Japan, more than ever, by creating the infra-structure of movements and institutions to host them.
  2. Organize a series of global de-nuke action in consideration of the thorough implication of the nuclear disaster, which includes all other aspects of being in the world concerning human survival and constructing a better world, as we are anxiously observing at the moment and will be affected more or less, sooner or later.

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