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Radiation Exposure is Unequal


(photo: Global2000 on flickr)
(Originally published in Japanese for Gendai Shiso 現代思想, July 2012 Issue)


Doesn’t Radiation Discriminate?

The Japanese Reggae musician, Rankin Taxi, has a song he has been singing for over twenty years: “You can’t see it, and you can’t smell it either.”

Radiation is strong

Radiation is powerful

It doesn’t discriminate

And you can’t beat it

Yes. Nobody can beat radiation. Nobody can escape its harms — so Rankin Taxi sings, and he is right. Continue reading Radiation Exposure is Unequal

Before and After 3/11


Photo: 汚染帝都 by Kai Wai散策
(Translation by Umi Hagitani)
*The original text of the present article in Japanese has been published in at Plus 10 (Tokyo: Ohta Publishing Company, November 2011).


What is the Nuclear State?

There were not many people who foresaw the March 11th nuclear reactor accident in Fukushima. Most of us were at a loss, not knowing how to react, how to respond, when it broke out. At least I was at a loss. I had never imagined that the buildings encasing reactors could have exploded. Continue reading Before and After 3/11