To Survive in Tokyo

Original Text HERE by Ilcommonz

Read my story as a personal account of a musician living in Tokyo. I’ve just canceled a two-week tour in Europe that was supposed to start from the 16th of March. I’m not certain what other tour members would choose to do, but we, the touring members, discussed that each of us ought to make up our own decisions, and respect them whatever they are. Continue reading To Survive in Tokyo



Japan — Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus

Taking into consideration the unprecedented situation in Japan, we find it necessary to establish a place for exchanging critical voices from there and elsewhere, to find a way out of the dystopian cul-de-sac, and create a path to undo and reorient the course of the world whose worst effects are manifest there at the moment. Continue reading Statement

Exchanging Thoughts Since 3.11 Great Eastern Earthquake & Tokyo Electric Power's Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

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