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[Info] Japan: Radiation & Struggle 10/03-09

原発いらない福島の女たち ついに… 女たちは立ち上がり そして座り込む ~100人の座り込み~ Continue reading [Info] Japan: Radiation & Struggle 10/03-09

Chernobyl of the Future


Photo: Pedro Moura Pinheiro on Flickr

Because this year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the accident or for some other reasons, in Japan documentaries about Chernobyl are repeatedly broadcasted and many are watching them on TV and online.

We are not remembering Chernobyl accident. Nor are we heartbroken by the misery. We are seeing the future of Japan in these scenes. Continue reading Chernobyl of the Future

Reading Rebecca Solnit in University Class


Photo: Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views

Students in my class are reading Paradise Built in Hell by Rebecca Solnit. Following the current disaster, I hurriedly decided to assign the book for discussion in the class. Continue reading Reading Rebecca Solnit in University Class