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In the Streets We Become Cattle — Towards a theory of demonstrations


In the Streets We Become Cattle — Towards a theory of demonstrations

Animal Insurrection Committee
(Translation by Max Black)

This is not a mobile freak show. Those cameras and cell phones you’re showing off: what are their cold eyes pointing at? What are they asking?

Cross-transmission is what will perceive us. A chindon band begins to call out. The voiceless transmitters, who parade disguising themselves with sexuality and buffoonery, describe a fold in public space with their supple and elegant gestures. Sound breaches that fold, and passes through a crowd pushing against itself, dislocating a crowd excited in its revolt against the media and public communications’ consolidation of one-dimensional information. There were those who heard a sorrowful requiem in their gay dancing to the instruments. But we stop bowing our shoulders and in setting out to walk, make the madness of street art immanent to our bodies. Continue reading

Notes for Strike

Notes for Strike

The Committee for De-Nuke Domestic Strike

The Concept of family is gradually rising on the surface to backup recovery of the nation after the disaster. That is, for serving as a bearer of reproduction of the next generation.

It is not only the nation-state that brings up the concept of family, especially the existence of mother. In Being a Lesbian (Kawade Schobo Shinsha: 1992), the author Hiroko Kakefuda questions the position of mothers, who played a pivotal role for the upsurge of anti-nuke movements at the end of the 80s. Women stood in solidarity under the shared sense of reality to “bearing and bringing up lives [of children].” But the issue here is that this sense of reality is to lump together all women as the sex unequivocally with potential to become mothers. There’s no need to reassure that some women give births and others do not. If mothering is taken as a premise of being a woman, it will create a rupture between the women who participate in reproduction and others who do not, and the rupture will only glare. On top of it, phrases like “good mother” and “good wife” can easily become targets of abuse by the national policy, as histories of other nations have proven to us. At least, this concept will work in favor of advertisement firms. For they are the proxies speaking on behalf of the national interest right now. Continue reading

Return Leo! Return Our Fellows of Kamagasaki!

(Original text in Japanese below)

4/5 Great Oppression is Inadmissible!
Return Leo! Return Our Fellows of Kamagasaki!

At 19:00 pm on April 10th, a documentary filmmaker Leo Satoh was unlawfully arrested at a polling station in Nishinari District of Osaka. The details are as follows:

At around 18:00 pm, several dozens of people including Leo were walking down the street and calling out to the passersby for going to vote. Thereafter he went to the polling station to vote himself, but when he finished his ballot, he was grabbed by six to seven policemen and forcibly taken away. Continue reading

Manifest for De-Nuke University General Strike


Manifest for De-Nuke University General Strike

To all students and faculties — Go for a de-nuke university general strike!

A month has passed since the earthquake. It seems as if everyday life has returned. It is said that recovery has been set out in the stricken areas. The worst situation is over; things will be the way they were, only if we watch calmly. It is cherry blossom season, too.

But we all know that these are sheer lies; that our everyday life that looks smooth has lost all bases. Continue reading

To All the Working People – Call for De-Nuke General strike

Original Text HERE by Committee for De-nuke General Strike

To All the Working People – Call for De-Nuke General strike

I can’t cope OH OH I can’t cope, Anymore ……

On behalf of students, informal workers and the status-less of the world, we call for a general strike, an immediate suspension of all labor, demanding immediate termination of all the nuclear power plants and abandonment of all the atomic weaponry productions. If not now, when can we begin our lives without nuclear power? If not Japan, suffering as it is under the nuclear disaster, which country can express aspiration for the world without atomic energy?
If you, the workers, ignore the de-nuke general strike, it would mean to kill the germination to realize a world without nuclear power. Due to the inability of judgment of the company animals, the world will continue to be ruled by fear of atomic power and stupidity of atomic ideologues (those who are promoting nuclear weaponry and atomic energy). You will be, like TEPCO (The Tokyo Electric Power Co) and NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency), despised and derided forever by the entire humankind.
Informal workers, students, the poor, laborers, and small business owners are tied to their workplaces in the metropolis and cannot move out from there. Bound by the logic of capitalism, they are at this very moment terrified by the invisible radiation. Being blown by the radioactive wind, yet they cannot abandon their tasks. The poor (or We) are the figure of the world today. Amidst the catastrophe, being bound by capitalism, the culprit of the catastrophe, and being made to serve the catastrophe itself – such figure of the world. Discarding them (ourselves), who are remaining in the metropolis from which exodus is urgently recommended, is equal to sending to the abyss of death and despair not only them (ourselves) but also the world embodied by them (ourselves).
Let us listen to the song of the wind. Blowing in the wind is the answer, the only answer that is a shift to the world without nuclear power. The termination of atomic energy is the task of entire humankind and its realization is up to an immediate abandonment of workplaces of us Japanese workers. If you carry out the strike with your courage, the entire world will respond with voices of support and acts of solidarity. A global movement will arise thrusting the blade for terminating nuclear power plants before the throat of the rulers of the world. If you ignore the strike cowardly, the entire world will be filled with dismay and sorrow. The planet fully loaded with atomic energy continues to deride you, and the ideologues of pro-nuclear power won’t even hide their belittlement of you. You will continue to be despised as “corporate slave” by the world over.
We would like you to think over once more what the hell your employers have given to you. The mutuality, fraternity and unity you share with your colleagues at work places are not gifts of your companies, but proof of your own power. Please do not belittle your own potential. Do you think that your employers would protect treasured bond of your family and yourselves? While you are watching the situation intently over screens trying to make a right judgment, mothers and pregnant women are living a dreadful life of nuclear fear. After all this, can you still continue to tell them: “don’t panic, don’t be anxious”? We repeat: please don’t belittle your own potential.


A war without enemy is going on. The same water cannon trucks that appear in Egypt to quell the revolutionary forces shoot water here in Japan at the reactors turning into hot stone. The forces whose task is supposed to intercept attacks of the axis of evil are confronting the reactors that emit steam-like substance.
While mirage of the postwar flickers, workerist nationalism, wearing as it is a new cloth of reconstruction, is waiting to enter the stage. As it has become a common sense of the world, disasters are nothing short of business opportunities, the utopia of the power.
In the backstage of global summits, world leaders are discussing their post-disaster doctrine. We are just speechless, wondering if even this singular despair, even this singular hope arising out of despair is after all mobilized, managed and governed.
Even if the return to a critical state can be averted, the trust of Japan can never be recovered. It is not even worthy of a joke that the only A-bombed country in the world has given rise to a nuclear disaster comparable to Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. The trust of Japan’s capitalism has been doomed. And still, if Japan cares about its trust at all, it must stop all the nuclear operations and initiate a movement for subverting the global atomic regime.
Let us begin a real war! Godzilla and Gwoemul who spread radiation are, if enemies of rulers and enterprises, not ours. Our real enemy is the capitalists who created and filled the world with these monsters. This is high time to draw them out of the stage, denounce them to their foundation, and oust them from this world. Our weapon is general strike. Let us abandon worthless workplaces, expel the ghost called economy, and do everything we can to help the victims. Now!

March 19th 2011
Committee for De-nuke General Strike

Call for a New Campaign to Build Refugees’ Commune

Original Text HERE by Sanya Workers Welfare Center, Sanya Struggle Committee, Anti-unemployment Struggle Committee

There is no need for much phrasing about the devastating damages and tragedies caused by the earthquake of 3/11, as well as the coming catastrophic situation. At this moment, we, the coalition of self-support groups of homeless and underclass workers in Sanya, the vicinity closest to the stricken areas in the north within Tokyo metropolitan district, consider the situation as un-ignorable and will begin a new campaign to support refugees. Herein are three tasks for the struggle:

A)To create a support system by and for the people
B)To support the refugees from the stricken areas, and fight together for their/our rights and autonomy
C)To support the future refugees to be created inevitably by the effects of this calamity, and fight together for their/our rights and autonomy

About (A):
The Japanese government is dispatching massive number of the Self Defense Forces to the stricken areas. As opposed to the state-led project, our most urgent task is to create a support system, no matter how small it is, by and for the people. To begin with, we shall send persons and goods to the areas once a week. We call this People’s Rescue Troops.

About (B):
The refugees from the stricken areas have already begun their lives in the facilities installed in various places in the Tokyo metropolitan area, from which, however, the intervention of civilian support groups are rejected, and wherein what the administration supplies is said to be far less than people’s needs. It is thus our task to understand and supply what they lack. Furthermore it is necessary to begin a project for establishing the lives of the people by and for themselves from the mid-term perspective.

About (C):
Riemann Shock of 2008 caused the new wave of refugees, epitomized as it was by the so-called dispatched villages. The homeless population in Sanya area increased dramatically. But the situation now is just incomparable. Already rampant have been discharges and suspension of employment. Our fellow homeless have been mercilessly hit by the effects of the earthquake in various manners.

At the moment, the government is about to mobilize more than ten thousand troops of the Self Defense Forces at the same time as hiding its lack of agenda and seeking to contain all criticisms against it. Meanwhile the media orchestrate a major yet empty campaign of “Save Japan,” whose tendency is toward nothing short of a new form of total mobilization that the people already experienced during the fascist regime. We consider this as a total collapse of the way the state and society had been organized up until 3/11.

During our struggle to fight against the coerced removal and practices such as community kitchen in the past several years, we have been searching for a method by which the process of struggle itself contains germination of people’s society. This attempt has been just in an embryonic stage. Now we believe it necessary to concentrate our forces more than ever toward this goal in confrontation with the calamitous situation. This must entail a full-hearted rejection of restoration of the previous society, of reconstruction of the society based upon nuclear power, and a move toward creation of a society by and for the people.

We know at the moment we are overwhelmingly weaker than the state project in terms of material power. But we might be able to surpass, if and only if we can gather the power of the many. We call for a collaboration of all of those individuals and movements who share the same intention as ours.

March 21st 2011
Sanya Workers Welfare Center
Sanya Struggle Committee
Anti-unemployment Struggle Committee

Kill No One: Statement On the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Original text HERE by All Freeter’s Union

“Unexpected Situation” is the phrase repeatedly used to rationalize deaths of tens of thousands of people caused by the recent disaster. This man-made calamity, I repeat, the worst man-made calamity is being rationalized with the single phrase, which still leaves hundreds of thousands individuals exposed to radiation and millions’ livelihoods destroyed.

The current state was never unexpected. Many people have repeatedly taken assumptions and given warnings over possibility of this very situation. The severe accident at the nuclear plant, hydrogen explosion and the massive radiation dissemination, following earthquake and tsunami, had been publicly warned by many, not limited to anti-nuclear activists or nuclear experts.

The disaster was folded within the capitalist system itself.

In order to support the urban energy consumption of Tokyo and other big cities, millions of people outside metropolis are violently exposed to radioactivity. All electric companies in Japan, except for the one in Okinawa, have always kept steady profit by destroying the livelihoods of rural communities. The Japanese government, too, is unequivocally responsible for supporting the corporations by permitting local monopolization, and laying out the legislative system beneficial for them to increase the number of nuclear plants. Electric companies and Japanese government must pay their debt now.

The government and TEPCO (The Tokyo Electric Power Co) must publicize all of the concealed contents of necessary labor being performed at the Fukushima plant. What kind of workers are running across which part of the plant for watering the reactor; who connect the pipe joints; who open the valves; who wipe radioactive splashes off, and who orders to do so (…). This demand is not for creating a heroic tale, but it is for us to overcome the ugliness of praising the plant workers as if they were the victimized hero in Kenji Miyazawa’s utopian tale or returning national spirit. We ought to distance ourselves from this disgusting cold-blooded fact that we are asking the nuclear plant workers, for the sake of “millions of lives,” to commit themselves to do the work that we ourselves are never willing to do. Instead we should support the rejection of labor that forces workers to face death.

Now we are about to become “nuclear disaster victims.” The first victims are those who have already been exposed to radiation while working at the nuclear reactors, and then those who will have to face long-term health risks from the explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors. But the nuclear disaster will not end at that. The accidents will continue hammering the agriculture of entire Tohoku region for years to come, and will boil-up the prices of safer products across the nation and elsewhere. Meanwhile, the urban poor will certainly be excluded from the distribution of safer food. Commercial businesses are closing down, because of the planned blackout in response to the lack of electricity, and the urban poor will suffer cut-downs in jobs and income; in consequence they end up reducing their buying power. We all are disaster victims.

We demand Japanese Government and TEPCO an immediate closure of all the nuclear power plants across Japan.

Cease all business that devours human life.

TEPCO must compensate all the nuclear disaster victims.

TEPCO must compensate all those exposed to radiation for their medical and daily expenses to insure their recovery from the health damages they suffer.

TEPCO must compensate for all financial losses of businesses that unavoidably shut down their operation following the accident.

They must compensate for all financial sufferings of those who were forced to wage cuts and unemployment.

We call for all those who have not suffered immediate effects of the earthquake and tsunami. Let us get out from
the never-ending loop of information radiation: overwhelming spectacle of tsunamis and fires, numbers that convey water levels in the reactors, comments made by proxy scholars and specialists repeating, “no immediate effects to your health.” This information radioactivity gives us an inevitable helplessness that we don’t have an option but to prey, that forces us to silently justify the excuses by the government and TEPCO attempting to obscure who and what system are responsible for causing this catastrophe.

We believe that it is imperative for us to immediately nullify the information radioactivity、and begin to name and prosecute those who are truly responsible.

March 17, 2011
All Freeters’ Union