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While we are observing a new impetus of global uprising against capitalism and the state, the catastrophic situation is unfolding in Japan. The two kinds of upheaval appear to be mirroring each other, both shaking capital’s business as usual to its foundation. There is no doubt that this is the turning point of human history. The events in Japan will inexorably have significant impacts over the entire human society in every aspect, i.e., ecologically, economically and socially. They are no longer matters of a particular nation-state, but creating unprecedented fissures in the apparatus that is uncontrollably and materially becoming one with mother earth, and sustains the global power relations as well as the everyday life of the people across the planet.

Demands to the Japanese Government


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March 18th 2011

In the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the serious situation endures. At this moment, a large discharge of radiation has not taken place. There is however a future possibility of such worst scenario. In concrete it would include meltdown of nuclear fuels by lowering of the water level in the nuclear reactors, large explosion, and large discharge of radiation from the pools of used fuels. Continue reading Demands to the Japanese Government

Call for a New Campaign to Build Refugees’ Commune


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There is no need for much phrasing about the devastating damages and tragedies caused by the earthquake of 3/11, as well as the coming catastrophic situation. At this moment, we, the coalition of self-support groups of homeless and underclass workers in Sanya, the vicinity closest to the stricken areas in the north within Tokyo metropolitan district, consider the situation as un-ignorable and will begin a new campaign to support refugees. Herein are three tasks for the struggle: Continue reading Call for a New Campaign to Build Refugees’ Commune

Kill No One: Statement On the Fukushima Nuclear Accident


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“Unexpected Situation” is the phrase repeatedly used to rationalize deaths of tens of thousands of people caused by the recent disaster. This man-made calamity, I repeat, the worst man-made calamity is being rationalized with the single phrase, which still leaves hundreds of thousands individuals exposed to radiation and millions’ livelihoods destroyed.The current state was never unexpected. Continue reading Kill No One: Statement On the Fukushima Nuclear Accident


Japan — Fissures in the Planetary Apparatus

Taking into consideration the unprecedented situation in Japan, we find it necessary to establish a place for exchanging critical voices from there and elsewhere, to find a way out of the dystopian cul-de-sac, and create a path to undo and reorient the course of the world whose worst effects are manifest there at the moment. Continue reading Statement