Because Nuclear Power Takes Away Our Being Alive From Us – A Communiqué for June 12th


Photo: Letter from H
Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda stressed Friday that restarting the Oi nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture is crucial to meet the nation’s energy needs this summer and to ensure sustainable economic growth.
-via The Japan Times

Ever since that day in March 2011, many things in our everyday life have been taken away from us, especially from those who live under the rain of radiation. Everyday and every week, we are informed of worse contamination than anybody has expected. We’re marching for the protection of our lives, of which even a small fragment of joy and sadness must not be controlled by anybody else. It is ours. In the evening of June 12th, we’re going to take to the street for our lives and in solidarity with those who continue to struggle against the nuclear regime and the evil of radiation itself.

-from friends in the Tokyo streets-

Things we’ve lost:

Deep breathing
Sweeping my eyes around
My relation to the land
Playing outside like stupid
Playing with Koo outside
Children’s voices from outside
Lying on the grass and eating it
Not minding anyway the wind blows
Producing locally, consuming locally
Peace of mind from “domestic” products
Organic farming
Recycling rain water
Compost making
Pool of fallen leaves
My best friend
To watch commercial TV programs
Undoubting naïvety
Trust in the nation called Japan
Indefinite future
My habit to pick up stuff off the street
Japanese food
The art of broth making
Sushi and seafood donburi
Spontaneous food tours
Ice cream
Cafe au lait
Freedom to buy food without reading the label
Food Safety
Dancing in the rain
Full moon festivals
“Fukushima” without the nuclear context
Cultural inheritance
Heart to feel simply beautiful lookng at flowers
To open the window all the way
Swimming in the ocean
Shaved ice
To just feel beautiful looking at autumn leaves
My heart swinging at the first snow day
Playing with snow
Mulberry picking
Jam making
Homemade plum wine
Eating perssimons in the backyard
Vegetable dyeing
Cultivating Karamushi threads
Chesnut picking
Identifying myself as a part of nature
Absolute sense of value
Spiritual peace

Mind wandering
Sun bathing
Yogurt every morning
Days off with nothing to do
Pretended friendship
The picture of lifestyle
Noncommital family relationship

Being aimlessly blown by the wind
Beauty of the snowy landscape
Stepping on fallen leaves in mountain
Jumping onto sunned bedding
Walking barefoot on grass

Trusting the TV
Trusting the politicians
Trusting official announcements
Staying up late
Aimless shopping

Feeling lonely
Counting what I don’t have
Peeking into the well of my mind
Taking the life not seriously
Grudging my abilities


What nuclear accident brought to me/what I found:

Feeling alive for real
People holding hands
Things their hands create
Living by touch

Going to demos
People I meet at demos
The power of music
The power of art
Trust for people

Walking the life as I will
Laughing as I will
Shaping my will
Those who walk the same will with me


Repost from Letter from H: 3.11からの軌跡/奇跡

2 thoughts on “Because Nuclear Power Takes Away Our Being Alive From Us – A Communiqué for June 12th”

  1. It is sad to read the things that are lost and the simple ways of lifestyle missed following the nuclear tragedy in Japan. The inspiring and beautiful thing that came out of that tragedy is the world wide inspired sense of caring for fellow humanity.

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