Abolishionism After 3/11


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2011112日、ニューヨーク日本領事館前で、まる1日かけて抗議行動が行われた1。これは、ちょうど同じ時期に東京の経産省前で原発の廃止と福島からの子どもの避難を求めて座り込みを行っている女性たちに連帯した行動であり、そのよびかけによってニューヨークの街頭にも人々が集まった。さわやかに晴れた秋の日の午後、その連帯デモで活動家の殿平有子は「日本のテクノロジーにたいする崇拝的な観念を捨てよ!」、そして「災害は未だに続いているのだ!」と呼びかけた。 Continue reading Abolishionism After 3/11


Before and After 3/11


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(Translation by Umi Hagitani)
*The original text of the present article in Japanese has been published in at Plus 10 (Tokyo: Ohta Publishing Company, November 2011).


What is the Nuclear State?

There were not many people who foresaw the March 11th nuclear reactor accident in Fukushima. Most of us were at a loss, not knowing how to react, how to respond, when it broke out. At least I was at a loss. I had never imagined that the buildings encasing reactors could have exploded. Continue reading Before and After 3/11

This is a Struggle of Discourses


Photo: Angry Goya on flickr via: Ten Thousand Things: May 7, 2011 Okinawa Bitter Gourd Protest: “U.S. government itself is a ‘master of manipulation and extortion’”
(日本語の原文は下記に掲載ー合意してないプロジェクトより Original text in Japanese appears in Project Disagree)

The rapist remark made by Satoshi Tanaka, the Chief of Okinawa Defense Bureau, was taken up to be investigated as fast as ever, after reported in Ryuku Shinpo on November 29th 2011, and its progress was made into an unprecedented spectacle hour by hour. As a result, Tanaka was suspended from his position on the same day, due to his “An Inappropriate Remark That Insults Women and Okinawans” (Okinawa Times, online, November 29th). Continue reading This is a Struggle of Discourses