Communiqué for the 99%


Photo: Mlle.Ada

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Communiqué for the 99%

In recent past while financial and political endgames have reached their limits, we have witnessed revolutions in North Africa, the Middle East as well as European and South American uprisings. Meanwhile in the Far East, Fukushima 3/11 has taken place, embodying the apocalyptic stage for all life activities on the planet. Now across the US, occupations in NYC and innumerable other cities are developing. We are at the moment of mass insurrection and terminal crisis – global civil war.

In this situation, calls have been made for global occupations on October 15th from Africa to Europe, from America to Asia. We are one in this impetus. We walk different paths in different places but hit together. By hitting together at once, the enemy –the 1%– will reveal itself in one body. It will reveal all those who are uniformed and in control.

Who is 99%? It is us who have been deprived of the commons: environment and resources as well as our labor, mind and body, and instead imposed upon our lives the common apocalypse: i.e., debt, servitude and radiation. Thus we are on the verge of revolution or death. Without names and faces, we are the wounded and enraged earth. Thus the ultimate voice has begun to resonate, against injustices of the looters and imposers: global capitalism, state powers and the global policing apparatus. Our presence will force ruptures everywhere.

For us occupation is the common mode of action. We occupy everything, meaning recapturing all the commons stolen from us. From natural resources, knowledge, products to space and time, we occupy everything. The act of occupation is our communication to each other and solidarity with one another to never have to go back to normal.

It is the generalization of our revolt and the collectivization of our resistance.

On October 15th, let us occupy everything. Wherever we are on the planet, we are surrounded by the stolen commons in variation; we are part of them. So we must begin by occupying ourselves.

The time is now!


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