Editorial 9/24/2011

We have had an important week.

A delegation from Japan held a meeting at the American Friends Center in New York, on September 22, 2011. Speakers included Sachiko Sato, Aileen Mioko Smith, Kaori Izumi and Yukiko Anzai; the four women activists from Fukushima Hokkaido and Kyoto made their way to NYC to make appeals to the public as well as to the United Nations high-level meeting on nuclear security being held on the same day. Through the experience of meeting with them and learning from their testimonies, <jfissrues.org> and Todos Somos Japon have come to recognize that for the sake of saving the people in Japan under radiation we need a full-hearted opposition – on top of and beyond the indispensable task of abolishing nuclear power from the earth – including all aspects of everyday living, direct confrontation and a total transformation of the system – on top of and beyond the legal battle and lobbying. And finally, it is necessary to change our life itself — on top of and beyond developing alternative energies.

At the same time, we have been very happy to observe the seventh successful day of occupation at Liberty Square in NYC. However, today on Saturday September 24th, during an ever-energizing daily demonstration “We are the 99%,” we witnessed a mass arrest. We have also come to recognize that the time of crackdown has arrived.

Two events assembled, we must state what follows:

Today’s capitalism is no more just disaster capitalism (making profit out of discriminatory reconstruction), but apocalyptic capitalism (an abandonment of our reproduction). Today’s politics is no more just based upon oppression and control but necro-politics that not only disrespects people’s well being but also feeds itself on the death of many. In this sense, we need a global connection to abolish capitalism and the state in the new climate.


編集記 9月24日


9月22日、日本からの代表団が、ニューヨークのアメリカン•フレンドリー•センターで集会をもった。主要な講演者は 佐藤幸子さん、泉かおりさん、安斎由希子さん、アイリーン・美緒子・スミスさん ー 福島と北海道、京都からの四人の女性活動家である。彼女らは、公衆および当日開催された国連の原子力保安に関する首脳会議にアピールするために当市に来ていた。彼女らと会い、かつ彼女らの証言から学ぶことで、<jfissures.org>とTodos Somos Japonは、放射能に晒されている日本の人々を救う為には、地球上から原子力を廃絶するという必須の使命に加え、それを越えて、全面的な対抗が必要であると認識するに至った。それは、法廷闘争や陳情に加え、それを越えて、日常生活のあらゆる側面を含み、直接的な対決を辞さない、機構の全面的な変革である。それは最終的に、アルタナティブ•エネルギーを開発することに加え、それを越えて、われわれ自身の生活を変えることである。



Liberty Square (formally known as Zuccotti Park) on the seventh day of occupation

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