Updates from the Globe 9/5-9/11


妊婦の自主避難に補償を 320キロ行進、米から訴え

D.C. approves more than 50 to apply for medical marijuana licenses

Siberia’s Telengit people protest Altai Gas Pipeline

In the world’s breadbasket, climate change feeds some worry

Textile workers to go on strike in Egypt’s largest factory


Anti-austerity strike hits Italy

Oil exploration under Arctic ice could cause ‘uncontrollable’ natural disaster

Friends of the Earth Opposes NAFTA-Style Investment Chapter in Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

The New York Police Department’s relationship with the CIA since 9/11 highlights the tension between security and privacy.


Tech company to build science ghost town in NM

Saskia Sassen: ‘War by peaceful means is a kind of tyranny’ – video

The “Shock Doctrine” comes to your neighborhood classroom


Greek GDP shrinks, joblessness stays near record high

Racism on the rise in Europe

500 Longshoremen storm port in Longview

Longshore Workers Dump Scab Grain to Protect Jobs

Citizens Ramp Up Battle Against Fossil Fuel Industry


The Lingering Injustice of Attica

Bolivia: Amazon protest — development before environment?


Israelis Flee Cairo Embassy as Protesters Invade Offices

Hearing Rumors of a Plot, Cities Make Their Security Forces Seen

Cops Crack Down On “Terrorist Bicyclists” Running Red Lights During 9/11 Weekend


Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Confronted at 9/11 Talk in New York

Chile remembers its 9/11

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