Updates from the Globe 8/29-9/4


NRC Report: Transformer “explosion” near turbine building at Maryland nuke plant

Daryl Hannah Arrested At Keystone XL Pipeline Protest (VIDEO)


Feds: Earthquake may have exceeded Virginia nuclear plant’s safeguards

Corruption, the war on terror hindering food aid to southern Somalia

Hundreds Arrested In Sustained Tar Sands Protests At White House

Equal Energy For All: Can We Democratize the Grid?

IDF training Israeli settlers ahead of ‘mass disorder’ expected in September


Leaving Prison, Free … and Homeless

Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi

[VIDEO] 4 p.i.g.s and a square/ english version (Greece)


WikiLeaks blames Guardian newspaper for leaks

The return of the BP disaster?

Earthquake caused massive nuclear storage casks to move

Toxicologist: Oil spill far more toxic than admitted

Congress Launches Broad Assault on Endangered Species:

In-depth report shows that America’s conservation legacy for sale to highest bidder

Announcement by the People’s Assembly of Syntagma Sq. concerning September 3,2011


社会学者や哲学者が原子力に終止符を打った (ドイツ)

South Korean Police Detain Island Activists Opposed to Base

Earthquake Shifted Nuclear Fuel Casks at Virginia Power Plant

Space junk ‘at tipping point’

Earthquake threat to nuclear reactors far higher than realized

Quake risk to reactors greater than thought


Historic rally buoys Israeli social protest movement

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