Updates from the Globe 8/22 – 8/28


The entire Western narrative on Libya is misleading, framed by an Orientalist discourse, scholar argues

Foreign exchange students at Pennsylvania Hershey factory walk out over abuse

Foreclosure Blockade in Brooklyn NYC: Video Document by Brandon Jourdan

Center for Biological Diversity: New, Free Android App: Find Endangered Species Wherever You Are

Texas authorities actively hid evidence of radiation in drinking water


U.S. VP Hopes to Boost Co-op in Renewable Energy with Mongolia

Operation BART 2: Anonymous protests – BART stations close

Indian Point Rapidly Responds To Quake Concerns On Twitter

NATO Tries to Control Libyan Revolution
Hamid Dabashi: Neo-liberalism a greater threat to Libya than tribalism or extreme Islam


Earthquake Rocks US Nuclear Industry From North Anna to Indian Point NYC

East Coast earthquake reveals regional nuclear dangers

What’s All the Fuss About the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Quake sparks new call to close Indian Point nuclear plant

Greek parliament votes in education reform bill that abolishes academic asylum and free course readers and brings sweeping changes to university administration: first reactions from the ground

Climate cycles linked to civil war, analysis shows

With CIA Help, NYPD Moves Covertly in Muslim Areas


Groups call on supercommittee to cut energy subsidies

“Individuals Tending To Savagery” Anti-Technology Group Sent Bomb To Monterrey Technological Institute Professors

Talk Nukes! is a storytelling project initiated by concerned parents living within a 50-mile radius of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)

Virginia Earthquake – Nuclear Wake-Up Call for U.S. (Nuclear Plants not Prepared) – Michio Kaku


Construction, protests and arrests intensify Jeju naval base standoff

Nuclear Reactors on East Coast Brace for Hurricane Irene’s Wrath

New York City Plans Shutdown of All Mass Transit

Billions Meant for Struggling Homeowners May Pay Down Deficit Instead

Chile’s Commander Camila, the student who can shut down a city

Leaked cable: John McCain pushed to arm Qadhafi


Examining a Labor Hero’s Death: Joe Hill

Locked Up and Left Behind: Hurricane Irene and the Prisoners on New York’s Rikers Island


The First Nuclear Power Plants for Settlements on the Moon and Mars

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