Editorial 8/15/2011


It was a week after 3/11 that <jfissures.org> was created. Since then we have been publishing critical writings in Japanese-English bilingual format, as a convergence point of discourses from within and without Japan, all tackling the unprecedented situation that the human society is now confronting. For now the radiation scattering is being experienced mainly by the people of the far-eastern archipelago, but unfortunately will expand globally, in both radioactive effects and social-economic situation. One of the main premises of the project is to see it as a global event.

Humanity has long been exposed to radioactivity as well as other fatal substances of industrial waste in various places on the planet. But there is a singularity, that is, an irreversibility that distinguishes Fukushima from previous conditions and incidents. One of the significant differences is the exposure of massive population (including the residents of Tokyo metropolis) to radioactivity, to which neither total measure nor complete solution is seen on the horizon. Another issue that characterizes Fukushima nuclear accident is that the Japanese ruling power’s responses and their absurdity has clearly shown to us that people’s lives are of lesser matters in the well-being of the nuclear regime even after the ‘safety’ of nuclear power was proved otherwise. No matter what we do – even if we accomplish our important tasks of ousting nuclear plants and finding alternative energy — we will have to live with various forms and degrees of radiation whose effects are varied temporarily and spatially. It has already happened and it will continue to happen. The extent of its influence is yet to be experienced, but this is a matter of fact.

Meanwhile we are observing the advent of a global nuclear regime consisting of pro-nuke states and capitals (the majority of the neoliberal forces), that is both publicly and tacitly urging humans to get used to and live with radioactivity as long as life exists on the planet. For making its political strategy, the global regime relies on the blurred spatiality and temporality of, or the variety and unpredictability of radiation effects over the populace. As Japanese ruling power says: “There are no immediate effects. Mind your own business!” — Such is the slogan of the necropolitics after 3/11.

In this new situation, it is crucial for us to note that the anti-nuke or de-nuke call can no longer be just a preventive one for possible future disasters, but should also instigate a struggle against the present management of nuclear disaster, that is what the people of Japan have already begun. Stopping existing nuke operations is a must, but the struggle for our survival under existing radiation should be created anew against and beyond the new control of capitalist/nation/state over our entire life world, since the necropolitics of radiation is just a part of the necropolitics of all other forms where political oppression, social control and profit making are becoming one and the same practice. For that matter, atomic power and the society grounded upon it are the ultimate embodiment of the civilization that the capitalist production has reached. As writings from Japan unequivocally attest to, the anti- or de-nuke movement after Fukushima can no longer be a single-issue movement. It has to involve all aspects of reproduction of life. It must be an anti-capitalist/nation/state movement. It must target all the climate and environment injustices. It must be an all-inclusive struggle involving politics, information, science, medicine, culture and everyday life.

<jfissures.org> intends to be a hub for presenting information, criticisms and theories for creating such a movement on a planetary scale, based upon and for the sake of what the people in Japan are and will be experiencing for the years to come. It seeks to situate itself on the lineage of anti-capitalist struggle and mass insurrection in the world over, at the same time as paying attention to the heritages (failures and successes) of global justice, climate and environmental justice movements. <jfissures.org> hopes to work with innumerable radical groups in and out of Japan fighting locally or globally for a full-hearted transformation of the planetary apparatus.







<jfissures.org>は、以上の様な運動を地球的に創出する一助たるべく、日本民衆の現在そして未来にわたる経験を土台にすえ、情報、批評、理論の集結点たらんとする。それは世界中の 反資本主義的闘争と民衆蜂起の伝統に自らを位置づけ、世界正義運動、気候/環境正義運動の伝統(それらの成功と失敗)から学んでいきたい。それは地球機構の全面的な変容の為に、地域的あるいは地球的に闘争している日本内外のラディカルなグループと連携していきたい。

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