Updates – Globe 8/8-8/14


45K Verizon Workers Strike


U.S. Nuclear Renaissance Rockier than Ever


Shut Down Indian Point Bike & Sail Actions


[VIDEO] Times Up! Shut Down Indian Point Actions


Occupy Wall Street General Assembly


Hackers Take Aim at Prison Locks and Other Real-World Targets


[VIDEO] Message from Anonymous: Facebook will fall November 5, 2011


NYPD forms new social media unit to mine Facebook and Twitter for mayhem


Verizon alleges network sabotage as strike turns ugly


[VIDEO]  Interview of Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster on London Situations


Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plan: Another Disaster Waiting to Happen


Legal challenge to licensing of U.S. nuclear plants


Nigeria to face nuclear challenges via Energy Market Price


Joining the Labor Movement and the Sustainabilty Movement: Together We Can Stop the Tar Sands Climate Catastrophe


Anti-Nuclear Groups Shower Federal Regulators with Legal Challenges


US Advisory Group on Fracking Has Abundant Ties to Energy Industry


SF BART on high alert, but no protests yet


NATO’s Massacre at Majer, Libya


Why Syrian Regime Won’t Fall


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