Notes for Strike

Notes for Strike

The Committee for De-Nuke Domestic Strike

The Concept of family is gradually rising on the surface to backup recovery of the nation after the disaster. That is, for serving as a bearer of reproduction of the next generation.

It is not only the nation-state that brings up the concept of family, especially the existence of mother. In Being a Lesbian (Kawade Schobo Shinsha: 1992), the author Hiroko Kakefuda questions the position of mothers, who played a pivotal role for the upsurge of anti-nuke movements at the end of the 80s. Women stood in solidarity under the shared sense of reality to “bearing and bringing up lives [of children].” But the issue here is that this sense of reality is to lump together all women as the sex unequivocally with potential to become mothers. There’s no need to reassure that some women give births and others do not. If mothering is taken as a premise of being a woman, it will create a rupture between the women who participate in reproduction and others who do not, and the rupture will only glare. On top of it, phrases like “good mother” and “good wife” can easily become targets of abuse by the national policy, as histories of other nations have proven to us. At least, this concept will work in favor of advertisement firms. For they are the proxies speaking on behalf of the national interest right now. Continue reading Notes for Strike