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A Day in Tokyo

(Original text in Japanese below)

A Day in Tokyo

Yoshihiko Ikegami

Tokyo is rapidly unfolding various aspects of the grotesque psychological warfare. Here I shall note just a few things I noticed in the last couple of days.
The recent focus in the news from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant is that the wastewater contaminated with radiation 7 million 500 thousand times (not a mistake) higher than normal regulatory limit is ceaselessly discharged into the nearby sea. This definitely proves that the cooling water is flooding out of the reactor, therefore that the core of the reactor is damaged. From within the reactor radioactive substances are endlessly gushing out into the ocean and blended with water. The government however made an announcement that the water could get thinned down once it merges into the seawater, thus there would be no possible effects on our health. But, counter to the statement, a later investigation has revealed that the contaminated water has been flowing into the ocean without as much dilution as expected. Continue reading