A Letter from John Holloway

(Original text in English below)






2011年 4月15日


More than a month has passed since the earthquake, and the level of nuclear threat in Fukushima has just been raised. The terrible thing is that we do not want to see. Some things are so horrifying that we just want to look the other way, pretend that it did not happen. It is painful to open our eyes.

I feel a numbness when I think of what has happened and what is happening. Certainly I share the tears of anger and frustration and inspiration that Marina talks about, but there is the feeling of What can we do? Fukushima has happened and cannot be undone. But can we stop the world being turned into a series of Fukushimas? As long as money rules the world, there is probably little that can be done to stop our self-destruction. We must break the rule of money, wherever we can, whenever we can, however we can.

It seems hopeless, absurd, but then we look at the amazing work of the People’s Rescue Troops, of so many people driven simply by the necessity to help others whatever the cost to themselves. In them we see our own enormous strength, the power of the drive of solidarity, of love-trust-dignity-communism (or whatever we want to call it). And we know that money is not all, that there is still hope in the world. In our shock we may not see a way forward, but in our helplessness we sense our own strength.

Almost a month has passed since I received Sabu’s invitation to write something and I am responding only now. Pressure of work, of course, the same pressure that causes disasters and drives the world to destruction. But also the feeling of helplessness, the feeling that there was nothing I could say. Yet sometimes it is important to say that, although words fail us, we are with you.

John Holloway
15 April 2011

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