Manifest for De-Nuke University General Strike


Manifest for De-Nuke University General Strike

To all students and faculties — Go for a de-nuke university general strike!

A month has passed since the earthquake. It seems as if everyday life has returned. It is said that recovery has been set out in the stricken areas. The worst situation is over; things will be the way they were, only if we watch calmly. It is cherry blossom season, too.

But we all know that these are sheer lies; that our everyday life that looks smooth has lost all bases.

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant exploded. The government, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the pigs of nuclear power promoters: we are being exposed to radiation because of you! The radiation gushing is limitless. Air, ground, and ocean of all surrounding areas are poisoned, and we cannot eat meat, vegetables, and fish. Even water is not safe. In this state, universities are about to commence their courses. Students are forced to attend classes as if everything is normal, notwithstanding radioactivity being scattered and all of us being exposed.

Now it is becoming clear that the atomic energy is the ultimate technology to control immaterial powers and mobilize them into labor. Intelligence and information as well as sensibility and affect that shape them – these powers that can become almost anything are dominantly mobilized by the industrial world. The workers are driven by specialists’ advanced knowledge of atomic power. In this situation they cannot say no, no matter how severe the tasks are. Of course, they cannot, since it will lead to a bigger explosion that could kill all the locals. And the locals themselves have to follow the words of the specialists. In order to sweep off the invisible fear of radiation, there is no other choice but to cling to the specialists.

During the 1970s, an atomization of universities took place. That is, a total mobilization of invisible and immaterial powers took place. Universities used to be a place for students and faculties to develop immaterial powers and with them to conduct experiments for a better future. These powers came to be unconditionally mobilized into labor. Now intelligence means nothing other than specialized knowledge for the industrial world. Faculties are forced to advance the specialized knowledge which are to be handed down to their students. They cannot refuse this task no matter how hectic they become, trying not to trouble their students. Meanwhile students have no other choice but to cling to their professors just out of fear of losing their livelihood. They force themselves to believe that the only choice for survival is to listen to the specialists.

But now the nuclear reactors are exploding in front of our eyes. This is no longer the stage of talking about nuclear threat. In actuality humans are being killed and tens of millions of people are exposed to radiation. Atomic energy is already proven to be a failure. Nonetheless only the mobilization to labor is swollen more and more. The workers who engage in radioactive labor, the Self Defense Force personnel, fire fighters – they are made into heroes, paragon of the nation. They are like banzai unit for Japan. Everyone is forced to ask themselves: who they are, what they can do. A shameless professor said: “a literary scholar as I am, I cannot do anything whatsoever for nuclear issues, so I will do what I can, that is, my literary study.” Is he mad? Yes, he is, but more or less everyone is repeating a similar word. Comedians perform comedies, company men work for their companies, and students study. Wanting to do something for everyone, yet we all are mobilized into labor by our immaterial powers being controlled. We are told to follow the instructions of specialists who have correct knowledge. In the public domain, shockingly, critique of atomic energy is taboo. Don’t be a troublemaker, don’t panic, don’t spread rumors, because everyone is, though frightened, striving to do what they can. Just have a faith in our specialists’ knowledge: it is safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe… You, me, and everyone – let us do only what each can do, push on expertise of each. Be calm and go to universities.

However, all students and faculties – don’t look away from the truth. The nuclear reactors have exploded! The specialists tell lies with no shame! The researchers of atomic science at Tokyo University have been deemed the supreme authority of the genre in the world and annually provided with hundreds of billions of yen. But their knowledge has proven to be false, showing as they are their inclination toward the safety of radiation. Now the top specialists reveal their true colors. To be honest, only we the amateurs can say upright things. To all students and faculties – would you still feign calm and go to classes to learn/teach specialized intelligence? Doubt! There is no such knowledge as only specialists can take charge of. Hell with the specialists! Doubt is only our weapon!

The nation-state has been constantly surveying, managing, and monopolizing the monstrously humongous power of radioactivity by the apparatus called nuclear power plants. But now that the explosion has taken place and radiation leak is unstoppable, the panicked specialists are seriously suggesting uses of bath oil and newspaper even. Should we just deride them? Only clear thing is that it is over, all over. This is the ruin of what the specialists used to be. The radioactive water has been stopped for a short while, but will leak from other fissures and flow out. That is the nature of flow.

Our potentiality is an invisible flow precisely like radiation. Now that the nuclear power development as the symbol of managing and monopolizing the potentiality has collapsed, it is high time for us to think and act by ourselves for rejecting the mobilization by the name of specialization, reorganizing our own potentiality, and decommissioning capitalism and nuclear power. Spit on those who still insist on: “act calmly with correct information; do what each can do.” They are our enemies! They are pigs! What is wrong with being panicked? What is the meaning of correctness that disregards our affects? What is wrong with losing words as we confront the man-made disaster that is causing this many victims? What is wrong with us having fear, becoming frightened, getting angry, and screaming out of derangement? When you see the researchers of nuclear science at Tokyo University, boo them as loud as possible! Boo them with your own words of truth, again and again, repeat until they finally resign!

Now we call for a de-nuke university general strike. Let us reject the education for just teaching and being taught. Let us untie ourselves from the bind of our own specialty and the specialists, for we all know the destination of the specialization would be, namely, our own junkyard. Let us remind ourselves that from the beginning, there is nothing that we cannot think, nothing that we cannot say. In front of our eyes, the nuclear reactors are being exploded. It is frightening. This is the truth. Anyone can think the truth. Everyone thinks it inexorably. Those who make a fool of us that we are panicked; those who preach us to be calm; those who scold us consumers, students, and workers to return to our specialties and our posts; those who instigate recovery by employing the pathetic slogan: “Fight Japan” – please leave us alone. In front of the truth, we are with another morality. We are foreigners. As such we call for the immediate termination of nuclear power plants. As such we don’t have time to study calmly amidst not only cherry but also radiation blossoms. Let us stop all university activities that lock us up in our specialties, and let us begin a grand chitchat! Let us manage to gather our wisdom for decommissioning nuclear plants and capitalism. Do whatever you like on the street to express yourselves! Damn with the atomic mobilization! Be panicked! Resist! Keep your eyes on the truth!

Stop atomized universities by exploding our de-nuke intelligence!

Committee for De-nuke University General Strike

April 10th 2011








しかしいま、われわれの目のまえで原発が爆発している。核の脅威とかそういうレベルではない。実際に人間が殺され、数千万の人びとが被曝している。原子力はもう破綻している。だがそれにもかかわらず、労働への動員だけが肥大化している。被曝労働に従事する作業員、自衛隊、消防隊。かれらは英雄視され、国民の鏡とされる。家族のため、友のため、日本のための特攻隊。かれらのような英雄になろうと、誰もが自問させられる。自分はなんなのか、自分ができることはなんなのか? 恥知らずにも、ある大学教員はこんなことを言っていた。「わたしのような文学研究者には原発はどうすることもできませんが、いまは自分がやれることをやりたいと思います。文学研究をしましょう」。どうかしている。どうかしているが、誰もがおなじ言葉を繰りかえす。お笑い芸人はお笑いを。会社員は会社勤めを。学生は勉強を。誰かのため、みんなのためになにかをしたい。非物質的な力がコントロールされ、労働に動員される。正しい知識をもった専門家。かれらの指示にしたがいましょう。世間では原発批判はタブーである。みんな怖いのに、やれることをやろうとしているのだから、迷惑をかけるな、パニックをおこすな、デマを流すな。原子力の専門家を信じよう。安全です安全です安全です安全です安全です。専門家の知識を疑ってはいけません。あなたもわたしも、自分にできること、自分の専門だけをしっかりやろう。平静になって、ふだんどおり大学に行こう。


この国は原発という装置によって、放射能という途方もなく大きな力を絶えず監視し、管理しながら独占し続けてきた。原発が爆発した今、放射能はだだ漏れに漏れ、止める手立てに慌てふためく専門家は、大真面目に入浴剤や新聞紙まで持ち出す始末だ。笑えばいいのだろうか?よくわからないが、はっきりしているのはもう「おわっている」ということだろう。これこそが専門家の成れの果てだということだ。放射能に汚染された水を止められるのもつかの間、いずれまた別の裂け目から水は漏れ、流れ出すだろう。流れとはそういうものだ。放射能と同様にわれわれの力能も目に見えるものではない。力能の管理・独占の象徴であった原発が破綻した今こそ、専門性の名の下におこなわれる動員に背を向けて、われわれ自身のものである力能を組織しなおし、原発もろとも資本主義そのものを廃炉にするために、あらゆることを思考し、行動するべきときである。「正確な情報をもとに平静な行動を」?「 やれることをやろう」?そんなことを言うやつがいたら、おもいきりツバをはきかけてやれ。そいつは敵だ。白豚だ。パニックになってなにが悪いのか。われわれの情動を表現できない「正確さ」に何の意味があるというのか。途方もない被害を出しつづける人災を前にして、なぜ言葉を失ってはいけないのか。恐れ、怯え、怒り、取り乱して泣き叫んではなぜいけないのか。東大の原子力研究者をみつけたら、言葉にならなくても言い、なんでもいい、とにかくおもいきり罵声をあびせかけてやれ。なんどでも、なんどでも自分自身の真実の言葉を、辞職するまで繰りかえせ。

いま呼びかける。脱原子力大学ゼネラルストライキ。ただ教えることを、ただ教えられることを拒否しよう。いったいなんのために。就職のため? 研究のため? 自分の専門にとじこもり、専門家に支配されるのはもうやめだ。専門性の行き着く先は、日々われわれがめにすることとなったあの愚鈍さであり、あのポンコツ加減なのだ。はじめから考えてはいけないことなんてなに一つない。はじめから言ってはいけないことなんてなに一つない。目のまえで原発が爆発している。恐ろしい。これが真実だ。真実は誰にでも考えられる。誰でもいやおうなく考えてしまう。慌てふためきパニックに陥るわれわれを嘲笑い、したり顔で落ち着くように説き伏せるものたち。薄汚いモラルで専門性に戻るように、消費者に、労働者に、学生に戻るように、持ち場に帰れと言い募るものたち。「がんばろう、日本」などど、情けなさもきわまるスローガンをもって、「復興」を騙るものたち。どうか邪魔をしないでほしい。真実を前にして、われわれは別のモラルとともにある。われわれは外国人である。すべての原子力発電所を即刻廃止へ。桜の花びらだけでなく放射能が飛びかうなかで「冷静に」授業なんてやっているひまはない。専門性へと引きこもろうとする大学を止め、偉大なるおしゃべりをはじめよう。全世界の原発の廃炉のために、資本主義の廃炉のために、知恵をひねりだそう。好き勝手でいい。大学で、街頭で表現しよう。原子力の動員なんてくそくらえ。逆らえ。慌てろ。真実から目をそらすな。


4月10日 脱原子力大学ゼネラルストライキ委員会

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