Notes for Strike

(日本語による原文下部に掲載) Notes for Strike The Committee for De-Nuke Domestic Strike The Concept of family is gradually rising on the surface to backup recovery of the nation after the disaster. That is, for serving as a bearer of reproduction of the next generation. It is not only the nation-state that brings up the concept of family, […]

A Direct Appeal

Editor’s note: “A Direct Appeal” by Committee for De-Nuke Domestic Strike is now deleted from the J-fissures, due to the author’s wish to further develop the grounds for this argument. July 1, 2011 −−−−−−−−−−− 編集者より: 脱原発家庭内ストライキ委員会による「駆け込み訴え」は、この論拠についてさらに発展させる余地があるという作者の希望により、本サイトから削除いたします。 2011年7月1日