Statement from Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)

(Original text in English below) 世界産業労働組合からの声明 日本を襲った3月11日に地震と津波によって、二万人以上の方々が亡くなり、数十万人の人々が住処を無くされました。それに加えて、日本の皆さんは原子爆 発と放射線飛散の危機に直面しています。通常そうであるように、労働者大衆こそが、これらの災害の前線に立ち、かつ事後処理に携わっています。原子力によ る大惨事を避ける為に命をかけているのも彼/彼女らです。世界産業労働組合(IWW)は、日本の全人民、そしてことにフリーター全般労組の同志たちと共に 連帯します。われわれは全ての成員に、日本の労働者を支援するために、必要な行動をおこすべきだと呼びかけています。 IWW世界連帯委員会 ———————————————————— Over 20,000 people have died and hundreds of thousands more left homeless from the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. On top of that the Japanese are facing a potential nuclear disaster, and radiation leak. As is often the case, working […]

People Who Transcend Catastrophe: Connecting the Radiation-Measuring Movement to People’s Movements around the World

(日本語による原文、下部に掲載) Interview with Manuel Yang (Interviewer: Yoshihiko Ikegami) Recorded on September 10, 2011 at Kunitachi   The Radiation-Measuring Movement is a Class Struggle —Manuel Yang, you’ve been active as a scholar of radical Atlantic and Pacific history and as a fellow traveler of the Midnight Notes Collective, a Marxist theory-activist group that emerged out of […]


Radiation Exposure is Unequal

By Shiro Yabu (photo: Global2000 on flickr) (Originally published in Japanese for Gendai Shiso 現代思想, July 2012 Issue)   Doesn’t Radiation Discriminate? The Japanese Reggae musician, Rankin Taxi, has a song he has been singing for over twenty years: “You can’t see it, and you can’t smell it either.” Radiation is strong Radiation is powerful […]


n.o.n.u.k.e.s. film&talk vol.06 YAMA–ATTACK TO ATTACK & NUCLEAR GINZA Saturday December 1, 2012 6:30PM Cage, 83A Hester Street, New York, NY 10002 [MAP] Subway: F to East Broadway, B/D to Grand Street $5 suggested (no one will be turned away for the lack of fund) [Facebook] [Download flier] After the devastation of WWII, Japan realized […]


The Occupation and Glass Badges

(日本語による原文は下記に掲載) Today, children in Fukushima are mandated to wear radiation dosimeters called ‘glass badges.’ Some of the regional governments also require pregnant women to wear them. They are a durable, modified version of film badges, one of three main types of radiation monitors: -alarm meters, film badges, and pocket dosimeters – all used by the […]


Before and After 3/11

Photo: 汚染帝都 by Kai Wai散策 (Translation by Umi Hagitani) *The original text of the present article in Japanese has been published in at Plus 10 (Tokyo: Ohta Publishing Company, November 2011).   What is the Nuclear State? There were not many people who foresaw the March 11th nuclear reactor accident in Fukushima. Most of us […]


Editorial: All Power toward Decomposing the Global Nuclear Regime — in the Year 2012

The action to blockade CASTOR in Volognes that took place November 23rd ~ 24th 2011 was a significant development, although it did not succeed in stopping the transportation of radioactive material back to Germany after having been processed in France. As we heard, it involved anti-capitalist groups of an anti-authoritarian vein, and as such announced […]

4.11 原発反対デモin高円寺 Anti nuclear power protest

Fukushima: A Call for Women's Leadership

Photo: Sandocap (Scroll down for the original text in English) 福島ー女性のリーダーシップへ アリエル・サレー1 2011年3月11日、日本の福島原子力発電所が強力な地震と津波に襲われた。同定不能な地帯が居住不能になり,数千人もの人々が、自らの環境を侵す様々な放射能の毒性レベルを吸い込み,触れ、食し、飲まぬようにして暮している。オーストラリアのBHP Billiton社のオリンピック•ダムやRio Tintoグループのランガー鉱山が、この原子炉にウラニウムを輸出したと言われている。今や、混乱、怒り、病、身体障害が、今後幾年にもわたり、日本人の生活を特徴づけることになるだろう2。


An Elementary Algebra of Common Goods and Evils

Photo: Kyodo News / AP Photo (Originally written in Italian, English translation below) 共通の善と共通の悪の基本代数 フェルッチオ•ガンビーノ1 (和訳:マヌエル•ヤン+ <jfissures>) 1: 共通の善/共有物と共通の悪を理解し、概念化する前から、資本主義はそれらにまつわる基本代数を使用していた。むかし、資本は損失の社会化と利潤の私有化の為にあると言われていた。しかし、ある部門において、利潤と地代双方にとっての複合有利が、共有化された悪しきものとねじれた形でつなげられている。この現象をことさら明瞭に示しているのは原子力部門である。