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Statement from Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)

(Original text in English below) 世界産業労働組合からの声明 日本を襲った3月11日に地震と津波によって、二万人以上の方々が亡くなり、数十万人の人々が住処を無くされました。それに加えて、日本の皆さんは原子爆 発と放射線飛散の危機に直面しています。通常そうであるように、労働者大衆こそが、これらの災害の前線に立ち、かつ事後処理に携わっています。原子力によ る大惨事を避ける為に命をかけているのも彼/彼女らです。世界産業労働組合(IWW)は、日本の全人民、そしてことにフリーター全般労組の同志たちと共に 連帯します。われわれは全ての成員に、日本の労働者を支援するために、必要な行動をおこすべきだと呼びかけています。 IWW世界連帯委員会 ———————————————————— Over 20,000 people have died and hundreds of thousands more left homeless from the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. On top of that the Japanese … Continue reading

Toward Pirate Communism: Tyranny and Anarchy

Toward Pirate Communism: Tyranny and Anarchy From Shiro Yabu’s Diary *The following is the March section of the blog by Shiro Yabu, an anti-capitalist activist living in Japan. English translation and editing by Adam Broinowski 12 March 2011 6:49 Fukushima … Continue reading

Introducing Post-war History in the Nuclear Accident Debate

(日本語による原文下部に掲載) Introducing Post-war History in the Nuclear Accident Debate Yoshihiko Ikegami There is a documentary film that is rapidly spreading among us now. It is entitled “Scenario of the Introduction of Atomic Energy — Nuclear Strategy vis-à-vis Japan during the … Continue reading

Notes on the 4.5 Great Kamagasaki Oppression and Nuclear Power Industry

(Original text in Japanese below) Notes on the 4.5 Great Kamagasaki Oppression and Nuclear Power Industry Takeshi Haraguchi On April 5, 2011, Kamagasaki in Osaka suffered the largest case of oppression in recent years. Osaka Prefectural Police arrested 6 activists … Continue reading

Manifest for De-Nuke University General Strike

(日本語による原文下部に掲載) Manifest for De-Nuke University General Strike To all students and faculties — Go for a de-nuke university general strike! A month has passed since the earthquake. It seems as if everyday life has returned. It is said that recovery … Continue reading

To All the Working People – Call for De-Nuke General strike

Original Text HERE by Committee for De-nuke General Strike To All the Working People – Call for De-Nuke General strike I can’t cope OH OH I can’t cope, Anymore …… On behalf of students, informal workers and the status-less of … Continue reading